I like to be uniquely me…

I don’t play games… I hate mind games

I hate when people toy around with each others hearts, I find it cruel and unneccessary

Courage is being exactly who you are… and being brave enough to discover exactly who that is…instead of trying to be someone else. It’s a long journey sometimes but well worth it.

I’m a rare breed of awesome… I am who I am…I have stripped off the mask and shown my true colors…no more masquerade no more pretending.

I try really hard not to say i’m fine if i’m not. I don’t like to lie. To be honest I think most people just ask how are you because it’s what naturally comes next after hello… I don’t think many people ask because they really want to know.

I ask because I really want to know…I don’t want a cliche answer… I don’t ask just to be polite…I want the truth…I care

even if I don’t know you, I care. We weren’t all put on the earth to struggle alone we were put here to help each other out.

I am by no means perfect or anywhere close to that but I believe that there is always more to learn and room to grow.

I never stop trying or believing no matter what the circumstances say.

Magic is real…it’s all about believing without seeing and defying what the “natural” world says is possible or allowed to happen…I serve a SUPER”natural” God and HE can do anything…therefore anything is possible…

The greatest thing one could ever do for themselves is to be authentic…and to see how they are one of God’s masterpieces…


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