Graveyard of Dreams

So often in life, dreams die…

We get all excited about a dream but then somehow we get talked out of it. It takes too long to come to pass. We don’t see how it could happen. It looks impossible. Sometimes we give God a timetable ultimatum. God does not work on our timetable, he works on his. We patiently wait and wait and wait some more…but then we reach a point where it feels like all or nothing. It feels like if it doesn’t happen now or if we don’t see the circumstances then that must mean it’s all over. WRONG! Sometimes we are so close, but don’t realize it and we give up and we don’t see that dream come to pass. Currently I am in the waiting time for more than one dream. It’s hard and it looks impossible but I know that God has the final say. I know that God ALWAYS keeps his promises. Habbakuk 2:3 comforts me. For anyone who might read this I encourage you to keep believing! Don’t wake up one day strolling through the Graveyard of Dreams. Wait for the Lord, have faith that whatever it is…EVEN NOW GOD can make it happen.


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